About Solara Farms


Solara Farms is located in Delray Beach. We specialize in microgreens and shoots. It was founded in 2018, and supplies microgreens to many different restaurants around South Florida, as well as Home Delivery upon advance ordering. We also offer a CSA program through a 3 month subscription for home delivery.

Our goal is to be able to supply the local market with sustainable & affordable plant based products. Everything from the packaging to the growing medium to the way we deliver,
is based on having as little environmental impact as possible.


Soon, almost 70 % of the human population will be living in urban centers. Among the most pressing challenges is how we are going to grow enough food to sustain such large numbers of people. Urban farming will therefore be an extremely important part of the solution. But it’s not enough to simply grow food – the process must also be sustainable, and be based on creating as little environmental impact as possible.

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